Creating Human Packs the Canine Way.

Optimize Team Dynamics: Harnessing Natural Roles and Energies for Success

We specialize in assisting businesses, academic institutions, sports teams, and other organizations in amplifying their team potential. I apply the principles of the “Human Pack”, ensuring every member operates in their optimal role for the overall benefit of the team
Certain individuals naturally take the lead, while others create balance. There are those whose mere presence can defuse conflicts, and others whose charisma can rally any group behind a cause. Recognizing and leveraging these roles to elevate your team isn’t necessarily hard, but it demands keen observation and experience. Many of my clients attribute to me a unique ability to discern individual energies. Yet, it’s less about mysticism and more about careful observation, specifically observing the dynamics of Packs.

At our core, I believe, lies a primal instinct that binds us, an instinct that transcends logic and reasoning. Through my 28-year journey leading large Packs, I’ve realized that nature is deliberate in its design. This understanding, observing recurring patterns like the ABC Sectors and the 4 Energies, led me to explore these dynamics beyond just dogs—and the parallels were striking.
Today, the insights from this discovery are driving transformational results in diverse areas, from business environments to addressing critical challenges like bullying and optimizing HR processes. In 2018, our project earned recognition from the rigorous PLAN VOLVER jury of the Spanish government. Since then, an increasing number of companies have sought our expertise to enhance their hiring processes and address group dynamics.


Rooted in over 28 years of rigorous study and practical application, the Human-Packs program draws inspiration from the intricate psychology of dog packs. Throughout these years, a consistent pattern emerged: irrespective of pack size, the structure always comprised 14 distinct roles, underpinned by 4 specific energies:

  • Confidence/Uncertainty
  • Physical Vitality
  • Dominance/Submission
  • Magnetic Attraction

Furthermore, these 14 roles intertwined in a manner that illuminated a recurring design, not mere happenstance. They naturally segmented into three clear sectors, based on inter-relational dynamics within the group:

  • Military (Army)
  • Equilibrium (Balance)
  • Empathy (Sensitive)
This profound understanding of patterns nudged me to explore beyond the canine world, leading to a realization that such dynamics were mirrored in human groups and other social species.
After rigorously testing this methodology across diverse human groups for over two years, I showcased my project to Plan Volver, a talent repatriation initiative by the Spanish Government. The jury recognized its potential, endorsing it unanimously. Reflecting back, I am immensely proud to acknowledge that the Human-Packs program has been instrumental in resolving complex group dynamics and nurturing individual talents across sectors. Undoubtedly, alongside my dedicated team, we are spearheading a transformation in the HR landscape.

Hatu Gonzalez: The Visionary Behind Human-Packs

Renowned for his deep understanding of large pack behaviors, Hatu Gonzalez is not just a trainer but also a motivational speaker and staunch advocate for the belief that the true potential of a team is unveiled when each member seamlessly fits into their natural role.

The cornerstone of his insights? Over 7,000 dogs. Spanning 28 years and involving more than a hundred large packs, these canine companions have taught Gonzalez the intricacies of roles, which, birthed from genetics, organically emerge within any pack. In nature, a  pack isn’t just a group—it’s a harmonious entity. Within it, each member, driven by their genetic predisposition, plays a pivotal role that synchronizes flawlessly with others, emphasizing the collective over the individual. Time and again, Gonzalez’s observations solidified the understanding that this structure isn’t arbitrary but a consistent pattern.

It’s akin to a flawless mathematical equation: a balanced pack always comprises 14 distinct roles. While these roles remain constant, they are not indicative of a pack’s size. Whether a group has 4 members or 20, what’s crucial isn’t the count but the genetic makeup and the subgroups that scaffold the pack’s structure.
Witnessing this paradigm repeatedly, Gonzalez realized nature’s wisdom far surpasses human intellect. This led him to explore whether such intrinsic behaviors extend beyond the canine realm.
Teams can’t alter the inherent genetic predispositions of their members, just as one cannot halt nature’s course. However, by recognizing and harnessing these inherent traits, any group can be transformed into a cohesive and potent Human-Pack.

What Can It Solve?

Managing a group is a complex task, well-known to those who have taken on the responsibility. Beyond the qualifications or experiences of employees, or even the excellence of a project, the point lies in team dynamics. How often have resources been expended on hiring candidates who eventually don’t get along with the existing staff? How often have internal tensions forced the exertion of extra effort just to progress on projects? Has there ever been a situation where an employee, after being trained and acclimatized, suddenly departs the team, leaving a void? If such an occurrence hasn’t disrupted your management yet, it’s a fortunate break. But a word of caution: if the team lacks harmony, such challenges are inevitable.

There are no mystical formulas here. The concept of the Human Pack serves as a potent enhancer of strengths, providing an environment where each individual flourishes, seamlessly interlinking with the roles of others. With the blueprint provided by the Human Pack, it becomes clear from the onset who will spearhead projects during challenging phases, who will captivate and retain clients and teammates with their magnetic personality, and so forth.
Harnessing the insights from the Pack’s dynamics, one can foresee during the recruitment or selection phase which candidates might abandon ship, who would be the calming force during tumultuous periods, and who might steer the team in new directions. It boils down to innate genetics. Interestingly, this isn’t a new phenomenon. Reflect upon childhood memories; specifically, the initial moments in a new classroom. With a mere cursory glance, lasting maybe 3 seconds, affiliations were formed, leading to the creation of a school ‘Human-Pack’. In most scenarios, these bonds, forged almost instantaneously, persisted throughout the school years, offering support and companionship. The challenge and opportunity lie in rekindling and amplifying this innate instinct, ensuring the assembly of the optimal team.

Program Offerings

The Process Explained

Here’s the roadmap to transformation:
Throughout our collaboration, our specialist will seamlessly integrate into your team, meticulously studying the inherent personalities of your team members and their synergies within the group.
Together, based on the package you select, we’ll craft a strategic action plan. Utilizing the intelligence of the herd, we will amplify strengths and bolster areas that require enhancement. Our expert remains your ally throughout this transformative journey. In tandem with Human Resource leaders, CEOs, Headhunters, and other key players, our goal is to identify the unique value EVERY INDIVIDUAL brings to the table, transcending their official titles or CVs. It’s crucial to understand that within the Human Pack framework, there exist 14 distinct personalities, each pivotal for creating a harmonious team. This approach is adaptable, serving both compact and expansive groups. Benefit from a plethora of real-life case studies illustrating how innate characteristics influence interpersonal dynamics within a team. Together, strategies will be sculpted to align with the unique makeup of your Human-Pack. Action plans will be charted for fresh business ventures and efficient pathways to elevate your project. Every strategy is bespoke, crafted exclusively for your endeavor, ensuring you derive maximum value from our programs. Stand out from the competition with a team that’s primed and passionate. Rest assured, our Pack is at the forefront of revolutionizing the HR landscape.

Package Overview


Duration: 4 hours conference presentation
Content: Fundamentals Pack
Energetics, genetics, behavior and roles Canines Energetics, genetics, behavior and roles Humans



Duration: 5 hours total

  • 1 hour discussion (with the equipment manager, Headhunter, or HR)
  • 3 hours of fieldwork with the Big Dog Pack
  • 1 hour evaluation

Description: If you need critical assessment of a team member, our trained dogs provide an unmatched evaluation service. Their keen senses offer insights into human personality and character, uninfluenced by background or social status



Duration: 2 hours


Description: Motivational sessions designed to instill a group mentality in your workforce. Conferences have been conducted in countries including Spain, Mexico, Austria, Belgium,  and Germany. The speaker will share actionable strategies and offer an inside look into managing the structure of Human-Packs.



Duration: 8 hours




  • Energetics, genetics, behavior, and roles in Canines
  • Energetics, genetics, behavior, and roles in Humans
  • Application of Pack genetics to your team
  • Efficient staff selection methods
  • Empower charisma to attract more customers

Prices are set individually, depending on the size of the group and the complexity of the  work involved. Please contact the Packman for a quote.



Duration: 4 exclusive days



  • Everything from Basic Pack
  • Genetic personality analysis:
  • ManagerTeam members
  • Team structuring based on personalities
  • Manager training for future application
  • Team evaluation: What’s going right and wrong
  • Advisory on new team additions

Prices are set individually, depending on the size of the group and the complexity of the  work involved. Please contact the Packman for a quote.



Duration: 10 days



  • Comprehensive features from both Basic and Full Packs
  • Internal Head Hunter services:
  • Talent detection, activation, and empowerment
  • Client interaction: Profile analysis & tailored action
  • Complete management of new hires & departures
  • Expansion strategies and creation of future Packs
  • Management of: Genetic leadership, Acquired leadership

Prices are set individually, depending on the size of the group and the complexity of the  work involved. Please contact the Packman for a quote.

Unlock the True Potential of Your Team Today!

Every successful venture relies on the synergy of its team members. Dive deep into the world of Human-Packs and transform the dynamics of your organization. From understanding the genetic intricacies to harnessing the collective power, each package is designed to empower, enhance, and elevate your team’s capabilities.

Choose the right pack for your team now and embark on a journey to unparalleled teamwork and success. Let’s co-create a future where every member shines in their unique role.

Creating Human Packs the Canine Way.