The dog walking team at Der Packman is looking for a helping hand as soon as possible.
We work professionally and responsibly. We are looking for new employees that share this “spirit” with us. If you are at least 18 years old, you already have a Class B driver’s license and you love working professionally with dogs, it’s you we’re looking for.
You’ll receive well-founded, detailed and thorough training in professional work with dog packs. You can learn from scratch and develop your skills step-by-step until you’re happily leading a pack of 15 dogs with confidence.
You’ll receive support from the team (including a veterinarian) at any time for questions that arise. You should be able to do the job with diligence and determination and be ready for a new adventure every day. You should be prepared to learn our philosophy from scratch, trust us and be reliable at all times.

We work with living creatures and we therefore need to act reliably. We need you to do the same.

If you’re still reading and you haven’t been scared away, wonderful! Let us know in your application that you’ve reached the “next stage”.
In our line of business, a sense of responsibility for your own actions is essential.
With this in mind, every day in our team is full of exciting new activities. No one day is similar: there’s walking, jogging, mushing, bike riding, canoeing, swimming and plenty more.

We enjoy our work together with the dogs thoroughly every day and that’s the reason we get up in the morning full of beans at 6am ;-).
Naturally, the morning routine involves picking up our proteges and bringing them back home again after a walk in Grunewald.

If you’re excited about every one of the points mentioned above, we look forward to receiving your application, including a letter of motivation (how you imagine the job to be and why you’d like to work with us). We’ll contact you and let you know the next steps of the application process.